Friday, May 04, 2007

That 70's Yard

That's what my yard looks like right now
this is some fabric that I got for free from Freecycle.
If you haven't heard of it, go here and sign up.
It's a cool way to get rid of things and get some cool stuff too. I've given couches, chairs, clothes etc etc and received a sandbox, fabric, the gorgeous couch/chairs/coffee table that I've blogged before.
Anyways, I got this stuff on Tuesday--just a random grab bag of fabric.
I want to learn to sew, want to practice quilting techniques but there is no way I"m going out to buy beautiful fabric only to wreck it.
So, I decided to practice with this stuff.
I was told there was some pink stuff in the mix, perfect to make "pretties" for Princess B.
Guess which one she picked:

The orangey-est, most polyester-y, weirdest fabric of the lot (except for the brown shaggy furry stuff, but let's not go there).
I think it might be cool. But it also might melt to her skin when it's hot.

I think I might try to use some of the other fabrics and hobble together a skirt. (I had a cute little DIY skirt bookmarked but now cant' find it....curse you Firefox)
OOOH I found it here:

There is a pretty pink mixed one:

And some plain white, so well see.

For the knitting content:

The Embossed Leaves sock has been resurrected.
I started this last fall--got the first one done and then lost patience with all the knots in the yarn. I did wind it on the swift, but there were snarls in the skein and it kept getting tangled.
Also, I didn't have a nice circular needle (mine was too short).
This project had sat in time out for way to long.
I started this on Monday-got the cuff done, had to rip it back. Got 8 rows into the chart, made a mistake, had to rip it back.
So, this is 2 nights worth of knitting....
and.....I love it.
I can't wait to finish it.

My little seedlings that we planted on Monday or Tuesday are doing well:

81 little pots filled with flowers, veggies and herbs.
Some look like they've already outgrown the peat pots--but I'm not sure they are ready to stay outside yet.

Well, I'm off to knit knit knit while little man sleeps.
I have a friend coming over to hang out tonight so: Movies, food, fun!!!

Have a great weekend.