Monday, April 30, 2007


seems to be the favourite word of the kid these days.
Who can blame them.
Spring has finally arrived here (let's just forget the freak snowstorm of a couple of weeks ago) and it's beautiful out.
We have been walking everyday in town to get the mail (it's not delivered to our house) go to the park and just hang out.

Signs of spring:

Things growing:

This is the garlic that I planted last fall in the garden. I bought some at the Fall fair and wasn't sure it would work--but it's working! I planted about 5 cloves and will get 5 bulbs. Not bad for a first time.
Princess B and I planted 81 peat pots the other day. They are sunning themselves indoors in a windowsill until they get going.


The ladybug socks are done!
I can't believe it took me this long. I had to rip out the last cuff and re-start it again on Monday.
There was 1 row of red after finishing the heel that didn't look right.
Why does ribbing take so long?
Anyways, I haven't been working on them much this week but managed to finish them Saturday night.
I even managed to make the stripes line up (not intentionally):

Just being outdoors is nice.

Hubby hung out w/ the kids (after napping all afternoon *ahem*) so I did some spinning outdoors:

I have almost finished half of the Pippi roving and think that is what I will use to learn Navajo plying. I don't' want to mess with the colours as they are appearing.

So, more sunny days ahead. Need to tackle the garden.
I do well with vegetables but am a mess with flowers. I have no concept of colour or height or what works best....
What are your favourite flowers???