Friday, April 13, 2007

Dear Monkey

or Little Man
or "Danger Boy"

What to say.
I can't believe you are 2!!!
My little man.

The baby that was so good and quiet and still and easy--who is now a "going concern" as they say at Church.
You amaze me with your energy (seriously, if Mommy could just have half of that, we'd both be set) and your sense of adventure--you are your Father's son.
You find the fun in little things ("Socks on? Socks off!" "Boots on?") and love to have a good time.
You are still easy to take anywhere (mostly) and thank-you for letting Mommy go "yarning" without putting up a fuss.
You love to try to figure things out by: tasting, putting upside down, taking apart. I love that.
The tasting everything can stop now, but otherwise--EXPLORE!!

I love the mornings when you actually let me cuddle you and will sit on my lap for 10 minutes.
I love the little song that you will sometimes sing at bedtime. Teach it to me some day.
I love the little dance that you do when you see your sister in the morning, or when you want some juice (Billy Elliot??)
I love that you will discipline yourself ("Sit down") before you jump off the couch.

You are a always-running-funny-dancing-happy-cute monkey!
and I love you
Happy Birthday