Wednesday, April 04, 2007

So. Tired.

I'm still tired.

I will quit whining since it's my own fault for staying up...I just can't seem to go to bed at a decent time and anyways..

I got to go spinning today!
After the craziness that was March (where did march go?) I was needing to get out of the house, somewhere other than the grocery store.

I didn't get to go to the guild last month as hubby was away..and I thought today would be a small group--but I did get to meet some new people.

I brought my lazy Kate to learn to ply.

The ladies were impressed with hubby's skills and apparently I am a good beginner spinner.

We had a "show and tell" and I didn't' really have anything to tell so I just blurted out that this was my first handspun and I was at that moment learning to ply.

The President of the guild didn't believe that it was my first handspun--thought I had been spinning before but just joined them.
I felt happy that I was doing something right.

My wheel went all wrong as soon as I got there and I was starting to get frustrated, but it worked out.
The poor thing about having a home made wheel--is that there are no instructions. No one to tell you how to fix things.

The drive band was off, the tension was off the wheel was wobbling and the whole thing was squeaking so loud that everyone stopped to stare.

A nice lady (who owns an Alapaca farm and invited me over to use her drum carder !!!!) gave me some of her wheel oil which fixed it right up.

Plying was okay--I realized that I had spun A LOT of yardage of singles....

I almost want to knit with the singles, but since I am a beginner my consistency might be off and some were saying that the yarn might untwist while knitting etc etc etc.

I'll keep keeping on.

They liked the Spunky Elcectic Roving that I brought--I don't' think many have heard of online vendors but I told them I loved her stuff.

I bought a small batt of Alpaca/Merino that is a bright green and yummy soft.

(No pictures as the weather has been funky and grey today)
I have completed a lady bug sock and am through the toe of the second:

I also received a package from another blog contest I won (seriously people, I have never won anything in my life and now this is the 4th blog contest I have won in 2 months)

This lovely package is from Kelly of "Just a Knit Wit"

A beautiful skein of ORANGE Malabrigo. 2 CD's "Music to Knit to" one is "Lace" and one is "Garter Stitch".

A handmade bracelet:

and some stitch markers:

They are so cute. Thanks Kelly--and she met the Yarn Harlot too!!

SO, I have a house that needs cleaning but there's a new L&V waiting.