Thursday, April 26, 2007

We have a spinner down..

aka "ouch my hip"
since my wrist continues to be sore, I have been spinning (which sometimes affects it, sometimes not)

Yesterday, I finished the sample roving that pippi sent me (merino/tencel and it's dreamy):

and today I've finally finished the first bundle of the Spunky Eclectic "Tahiti".
I want to teach myself to Navajo ply, but apparently I need four hands and a video and unlimited patience..maybe tonight when the kids aren't throwing noodles on the floor.

I got my batt from L&V seen here:

It's dreamy.
I've never spun from a batt, but now I have 2 of them, so that will be next.
After this:

this is the Springtime Chocobird, also from Pippikneesocks.
It's a strange colourway--brown, bright blue and yellow. It will be cool though.

My hip is sore, probably because of how I'm sitting. I'm not spinning for all that long at a time--with 2 little ones, its' not possible.
About 15 minutes at a time, and then a bit last night.
It's just something to get used to I guess.

The next question is: What to make with it?
All I can think of is socks.
What else have you all made lately?
It's getting too warm for hats or scarves. I guess I could get a jump on next season.

Nah, socks for now.
*runs off to spin more*