Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Dye DYe dyE

Yes, the last post is true--we were at the ER again this morning.

Little monkey decided to fall down the stairs and split his scalp open at 7:30am this morning.
Blood everywhere.
Gaping head wound.
Mother crying.

He's fine. Was fine just after. Was fine at the hospital when they were checking him over and putting the freezing liquid on his head.
Was fine when they wrapped him in a sheet so that he couldn't wiggle.
Screamed when the first staple went in, said "OH NO" and was done.
This will make for good stories when he's older.
For right now, I need some chocolate and a large cow bell so I know where he is at all times.
We got home and he decided to pull a chair across the room so he could climb up into the cupboard to give himself a snack.

That child makes me tired.
Anyways..(hubby is home directly supervising the child right now in case you are wondering why I am typing and not watching his every blink like I have been doing all day)

My posts have been boring lately. Haven't' felt inspired.
Too tired and bored with myself to do anything fun.
So, here's what I did on Sunday:

That's 2 skeins of L&V Superwash, a "Sarah" Brown/Turquoise for a special order and some blue stuff for fun!

The roving looks kinda gross like this.

Yesterday we were gone all day for my Dad's retirement party

and today in order to mellow my mood, I dyed more roving:

this stuff has more dye in it and I like it!

The other stuff is dry and I'm going to list it in the shop:

Happy Day to you!
I'm going to stay home tonight to keep an eye and ear on my baby.