Wednesday, April 18, 2007

You spin me right round....

okay, so apparently I've used that blog title before too---hmmmm, maybe I'm just out of ideas.

I've dyed up some more fibre and put it in the shop:

THECHICKSWITHSTICKS named after my love of orange and my sister's love of purple.

and Lime and Violet Roving

Love the podcast, made the yarn, had to make the roving.

That's all the roving that I have to dye.

I only have a half skein of yarn left too--awaiting an order which will likely take another week.

I have to totally plug Wool2Dye4.

I bought the roving and some yarn blanks from there.

I opened up one hank today and half of the strands were broken. It was weird.

They didn't look cut, just broken.

I e-mailed her and she replied right away to apologize, indicated she had no idea how it happened and told me that she was mailing me a replacement skein today.

I really have no idea how it happened either--but I am very impressed with her customer service and I will order from her again.
If you want some rovings or blanks, go to her--she's great!!!

My roving, so far, have not sold.
I just about drool every time I look at the Chocolate and Cherries Roving, and there have been a lot of views, but so far no takers.

The Blue Bird skein is so pretty--it's my favourite (but I say that about all of them)--it broke when I was re-skeining it--that's why it's discounted.

Yep, only $8.00 for 440 yards of hand-dyed sock yarn.

The skein didn't' break exactly in half, so you will have to do a join somewhere in one of the socks--but look at the colour:

Okay, that's enough of my shameless self promotion.

I'm not doing much knitting. I have 3 socks on the go right now.

My hand spun socks are giving me grief. The yarn is pretty blah in the colour department and it's pretty stiff to work with (Romney??). I kept having to rip it out to get the right amount of stitches on the needles. It was too hard to do a gauge swatch, so I was just winging it.

They will likely be more house socks than anything--but they will be mine.

I started spinning some Pippi Knee Socks Roving today. I love it.
I finally got some Springtime Chocobird and she sent some Merino/Tencel roving as a sample.

I'm spinning it tonight. It's dreamy, I'm not used to the Merino so much--so it's a bit slippery.

But it shines like mad. I love it.

I will have to take some pictures tomorrow, hopefully the sun will come back.