Monday, April 16, 2007

A day with meeeeeeee

I had a day today.
A day with me.
Have you ever done that? Ever had a day where you went where you wanted, ate what you wanted and did whatever you wanted?
I had a day like that today--a half day, but still...
it was heaven.

My day started with taking Danger Boy to the Dr's to get his staples out.
He was an angel. The whole thing took about a minute (which, when holding a wiggling 2 y/old in pain seems like an eternity)--he said one "OUCHY" and gave 1 squirm and then it was over and he had a sucker.
I like how he now calls the office "No doctor".

So then I took a road tour to visit Michele of "The Sweet Sheep"

Oh my word.
She is living my dream.
She has the site, but she also has the physical store in her home.
It's a room full of yarn.
Sock yarn.
and roving.
and ooooooh.
I just kept saying: "OH, you have..."
she has everything.
I didn't get pictures of all of it, but to name a few:
All things Heather
Yarn Pirate
Hip Knits
Pigeon Roof Studios
Brooklyn Handspun
Oceanwind Knits
Zen Yarn Garden
Mama E's--yarn, fibre and the handmade bags.
Fleece Artist and Handmaiden
Katia Bamboo
Cherry Tree Hill
Colinette Jitterbug
Louet Gems
Shelridge Farms
and more (she will be getting some much coveted, and very rare Sweet Georgia soon)
yeah, it's that good.
and Michele--so sweet.
So nice.
So helpful.
She spins.
She loves sock yarn.
She is going on the Sea Socks cruise.

I am jealous. should go.
Go and buy yarn from her.
I will definitely be going back to her site and her store.

She had a "call to knitters" and asked locals to stop by to give some advice. I gave her an opinion on something and she gave me some of her hand dyed.
I believe it's "Berry Bliss" colourway.
The opinion is something I can't share (it's her secret) but I will tell you that it will be fun and a Sweet Sheep exclusive....
Here's the sock yarn haul :

(Top to Bottom: Michele's own Sweet Sheep Handyed Merino/Tencel in "Sea", Sweet Sheep "Berry Bliss", Colinette Jitterbug in "Bright Charcoal" (seriously, this stuff is beautiful-it's not just black and grey like it looks--purples, blues, soft pinks, smidgens of green) and Yarn Pirate "Cannon Beach"

and the fibre haul:

a Spritely Good's Batt in "Verbena" with some Firestar shiny stuff in it and a braid (?) of roving from "Pigeon Roof Studios" in "Plum Torte"

Then I went wandering to find a place to shop. I was looking for a store that I never did find but I drove around and listened to Lime & Violet podcasts.
Had some food. (Wild Rice Sushi---soooo good)
Had some coffee.
Tried to buy shoes for myself--something I don't' do very often because I know what I want but no one ever has what I like.
Bought Danger Boys' b-day present (one that we've tried to get twice from 2 different stores and couldn't find) and bought the only pair of "Cars" pajamas in the whole store.
Went to a crafty store.
Went to a second hand store and FOUND THE MOST AWESOME SHOES EVER!!!

with the most awesome price ever:

What a good day!!!