Sunday, April 22, 2007

More posty

So, since Etsy is down (the IT people have been working for about 24 hours straight)
and I'm excited about my yarn, I want to post some pictures.

Some thoughts--although I said the colours were springy--the pictures of the yarn drying had a alot of black in it--that's true.
I had some inspiration and some colours that I didn't get to last time.
So, those pictures will have to wait until tomorrow, but I am totally in love with this one:

It has some black in it-and was inspired by some flowers that we saw on our walk yesterday.

and re: my wrist--yes I do have carpal tunnel.
I've been tested in the past (about 4 years ago) and tested as "mild", but I'm thinking that since I've become yarn obsessed and now spin and have spent the evening re-skeining yarn--my wrist might be worse.
I just need to wear my brace to bed for a while and see if that fixes it.
can't wait to list these yarns.
I've spent the whole night saying "this is my favourite" then I move on to the next one, which then becomes "my other favourite".
that's good--because if they don't sell then they can be mine mine mine.

we're off tomorrow for some fun w/ the kids--and maybe there will be some sock updates...