Thursday, April 12, 2007

Random stuff

apparently I've used that blog title before--blogger just told me so.

okay--so first,
May I introduce:

It's my first wheel spun, wheel plied, hand-dyed, made-it-myself....

I'm calling it "Baby" because I just want to hold it and look at it, and touch it and stuff.

It really has taken me a long time to finish this.
Apparently spinning a 1/2 pound of roving into little singles and then plying takes a long time.

Okay, I didn't really learn to ply until last week--i wanted someone to show me how so I could learn something.
I have some left over on one bobbin, so I think I shall teach myself how to navajo ply.

I really have no idea how much is there yardage/metre-wise, but I weighed it:

That's 104 grams (a bit more than a ball of commercial sock yarn)

and for the Americans:

3.55 ounces.

I gave it a synthrapol soak--which was good since dye ran out of it when I put it in plain water.

Soaked it in some SOAK wash and then whacked it on the counter top a few times.
Not sure why--read it somewhere--maybe to set the twist???

Now it's hanging to dry and I can't wait to swatch it.

The colours are really blah, it was supposed to be bright purple and orange--here is a picture of me dyeing it:

I thought of dyeing the singles in different colours (one bobbin orange, one purple) but then thought better of it.

It's done, it's what it is---and I made it.

More pretties:

I can't seem to capture the colour just right.....

This is a skein of the "Sarah" yarn with a new base yarn that I got.
I thought it was really thin, but I did some comparison today and it's about what STR or Koigu is.

That's it for yarn stuff.

I finally got around to doing the Resurrection rolls with Princess B.

They are super cool.

They tell the story of Jesus at Easter and the Resurrection.

The first picture is Princess B taking "Jesus" and putting the oils and spices on him--and putting him in the tomb.

and when they are finished:

Jesus isn't there!

The first time we did these with her, she was 2 and when I asked her if she understood she said

"Yes, now the marshmallow is up in Heaven with God"

Um, yeah...almost.

They are easy and are a simple way to teach kids about Easter.

1 can of refrigerated crescent roll dough

8 jumbo marshmallows

melted butter

cinnamon sugar

The marshmallow represents Jesus (I know, bear with me) Dip the marshmallow into the butter to show the oils that were used to prepare Jesus' body. Roll it in the cinnamon/sugar to show the spices that were used.

Put the marshmallow on the "tomb" and wrap completely. Be sure to pinch it all closed.

Bake according to directions.

When you open the tomb, Jesus isn't there--he has Risen!

*Although the recipe may not sound appealing, taste-wise, they actually are really good*

and that's a pretty long post for me--it's been busy around here.

Little man continues to try to jump over the couch onto the hardwood. Doesn't seem to notice the staples in his head. Doesn't care.

He is no longer safe to go into the playroom alone--he finds mischief.

He will be 2 tomorrow.