Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Dye pots dYe pots, stinky stinky dyE pots

*what's that a take off of?? ** bonus points if you can sing the whole song..

okay, so I've been having fun with dyeing lately.

i have a new sock yarn base that I'm trying out.

it's $$$ and it's kinda thin, so I'm not sure I'm going to keep using it, but it takes the colour like a dream.

The clear/white you see is actually the water boiling.

the brown was so dark i almost thought it was chocolate--and wanted to eat it.
it's a custom order--a request for a Superwash "Sarah" colourway. (Custom order?? Squeee!!!)

i have one skein of a wool/silk to try out and i think I'm gonna keep that one, for meeeeeee!

Did you sign up??

Go over and sign up?

I've been part of the last 2 and had a blast.
that's all for me today.
Little man will now have a new name:
"Danger Boy". He's wearing a cute t-shirt today too, so I'll try to snap a picture b/c that one fits as well.