Sunday, May 20, 2007

Notes from a scattered brain.

Navajo plying= hard
Dyeing=fun and addictive
Re-skeining said dyed yarn=not so fun
Picking knots out of re-skeined yarn=less fun

Sushi for lunch=good
Seeing sheep this afternoon=WAY fun
Shearing day tomorrow=so much fun.

This post=boring

No wonder I've lost a subscriber.

okay, so i started navajo plying last night with some of the Romney singles i had left.
It is hard.
I think I know HOW to do it-but it's not working.
I've watched the little video on so many times but still I can't figure it out.
I know that I'm continually making loops and twisting at the same time, but the yarn doesn't want to make new loops--it keeps catching and making big lumps in the yarn.
Oh well-it takes practice, something I'm not good at.
I've dyed up a bunch of yarn for a little series, but since I've had more inspiration I need to dye some more before I post them.
I've snuck 2 into the shop--one sold almost instantly (yeah!) and once I got the international shipping thing figured out, I sold 3 more.

I bought some frozen sushi at the store the other day (just to try it) and for some reason Princess B has been asking for 2 days if she could have it--so I indulged her.
She liked it, until it fell apart and she realized there was something green in it (avocado)--but for a first timer--eating 2 pieces of sushi is a big deal!

We are going this afternoon to visit the friend who has sheep at her house. She's had 2 older sheep for a bit, they had lambs and we hadn't yet gone to see them--and now they have Shetlands.
This will be fun
Plus there is a big shearing day tomorrow and I hope to go and see some sheep, look at fleece and just hang out with the kids.

Right now, I'm back to skeining and plying (and eating too many chocolate covered espresso beans!)