Tuesday, August 21, 2007

What's the matter with me??

I've had finished sock pictures sitting on the computer since last weekend?
Bad blogger.

Ignore the shadow of my hand.
Look at the pretty socks

Oh, and I heard from my sock pal--she has the socks and they fit!!!
She did a much better job at photographing and blogging them, so go read her post here.

Right now I have no knitting mojo.
I've finished the socks I needed to, the sock that have been on my needles for far too long.
Handspun socks and lace socks and tencel socks and fleece artist socks.
I think I'm sock done, for now.
It's getting cooler out, maybe I can actually pick up my Ribbi Cardi and get a fall start on it.

What are you all knitting right now???