Friday, August 17, 2007

Drive by posting

The embossed leaves socks are done!!!
done done done

I will take some pictures tomorrow when there is daylight (posting at 12:19am)
but they are done.

They were started last October ( pathetic I know) with some beautiful yarn.
The problems started instantly--the skeins were horribly tangled and I would have to pick out knots for an hour in order to be able to knit 10 rows.
They started as Pomotomus, but then I got lost in the pattern and frogged it.
They have knots and parts where I had to cut the yarn and make new joins

But, they have been touched by the Harlot as seen here:

and forever will have some kind of sock-magic to them.
(I'm being silly, but It's 12 am and I will be getting up in a few hours to have one of the busiest days I have had in I'm a little giddy)