Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Another crazy girl weekend

and again I can't really share photos, to protect the innocent and the guilty.

I had a great weekend in Kingston at Springarama (info on the sidebar) with some of "the girls" from Church.

We ate, we pranked, we slept a bit.

The speaker was Hilary Price--amazing! She was funny, insightful, a good speaker and a great Teacher. I don't think I've ever taken so many notes at a conference before.

The music was very special to us, as the Worship Leaders, Trinity, are all from PE County.
They were amazing!!!

I had a great time in my morning session and made a necklace in the afternoon.

Saturday night we were treated to a visit from "Ma", who made us laugh so hard we forgot to breathe.

She even shared some love:

and really, those are the only pictures that I can share. I don't have the group shots--anyone? anyone? (Danielle that song is for you!)

One funny thing I can share. In the folders we all got little perfume samples. Mine was, interesting:

and really that's all I can share. The rest of the stories and pictures are getting locked in the vault and will not be shared.


Michelle said...

I am more daring that Ann-Marie, so there WILL be some photos on my blog.... but not for a while because I haven't downloaded the photos yet.

Ann-Marie is just being very polite. I, however, am not quite as nice as she is.


Just kidding, Springarama ladies.... I will not post any inappropriate photos.........

Well, maybe one......


badoo2 said...

Thanks Ann,

Now that song is stuck in my head!!

It was a great weekend............"get out of the line"

VictoriaD said...

Okay now hang on a sec. I couldn't go because of circumstances beyond my control. At least email ME the pics so I can pretend I was there. Pretty please?