Thursday, April 16, 2009


This year we met up at my parents house to do Easter all together--it was wonderful!
We decorated cookies, did Easter eggs, went to the park, had food and fun.

We also got to visit my BIL and SIL and nephews for a surprise party for my SIL's birthday!
She had no idea that her house would be filled with people when she came home.

The kids had fun with the eggs--I learned more colour theory and had a fun just being together.

We celebrated a bit for Little man's birthday--he wasn't too sure about the singing (overwhelming) but talked about "my Happy Birthday" all weekend and was excited to see family.

My sister/BIL/nephew bought him a Star Wars ship with characters which he doesn't let out of his sight and the Grandparents bought him Swimming lessons which he starts next week.

It was a great weekend full of fun, family and food!


Michelle said...

Of COURSE your son would receive Star Wars characters.......

I STILL have not even watched ONE Star Wars movie....... How sad is that?

(Don't tell the other "Beautiful Aunt Michelle from the Beautiful-Aunt-Michelle's-of-North-America Club". I know how much these movies are held in high esteem with you two!)

Glad your Easter was delightful! Nothing better than family, friends, and food.