Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Updates galore!

There has been knitting, there are not great knitting pictures to post.

It's hard to take pictures of yourself in a new sweater and hubby and I just haven't got around to doing photo shoots.
(Picture taken by my 6 y/old with the 3 y/old running for the camera)

This is the completed February Lady Sweater. Knit with Cascade 220 (my fist time using that yarn and I loved it) that was gifted to me...

Once I got the hang if the pattern repeat-it went quickly. It's warm, I love it.
I used some old buttons that were my Mom's--gives it a nice touch,I think.

I have a couple of test knits that I can't post--which makes the Knitting content part of Knit blogging difficult.

What am I to do....
Pictures of dyeing:

Pictures of Soap! (Apparently Blogger likes sideways pictures of soap)

I have been wanting to make this Strawberry Soap since I first started making soap a year ago.
I finally dove in and am loving the results.

It's make with real Strawberries, some yummy Strawberry fragrance that I bought and some red colouring.

I also made some Patchouli Soap. I love Patchouli--this is a nice light scent--not the overwhelming 60's dirty hippy Patchouli. Spicy, light, and fresh.

Looks good huh??


Michelle said...

Well it's about TIME you updated your blog! :O)

Very pretty sweater. And very nice-looking soap! Mmmmmmm.... strawberries!

Brenna: You're a VERY good photographer! And you CAN'T be six years old already.... no way. Not possible.

Sugar Socks said...

the sweater turned out great! and the picture came out great too

yarnpiggy said...

I think the six-year-old did a pretty good job, given the threat of an incoming three-year-old. :-)

Janna said...

The sweater - love it! you're absolutely right about the buttons.
The yarn - fabulous. I want it.
The soap - yummy!
You should stick your etsy link in every blog post because if your other readers are like me, they'll get the urge to use their paypal account again every time they see your talented creations!!