Monday, April 20, 2009

More Birthday Fun

So hubby's family came this weekend for his annual big fundraiser event, and to celebrate with little man.
We had gifts, balloons, more cake and lots of fun!

I spent the last few days cleaning up the house, the little man spent his days making more messes and not napping.
Thursday afternoon after picking up Princess B, I found this:

Once the family got here we decorated with balloons on the ceiling:

More family arrived and we had cake:

Some more gifts: (They know what he likes--trucks and cars and Diego)

(He also got a Peter Pan movie, which he wasn't sure he liked--but now runs all over the house
saying "I can FLY!"

I had some kind of mutant bug this weekend--really sore throat/fever chills and general falling asleep sitting up, so I missed the fundraiser and Church--but after much napping and Advil--I fell a bit better.

Spring is coming!

The kids played outside a lot this weekend, they even put swimsuits on and made a water slide with the hose (brrrr)

Little man is growing up out of his naps (He is 4, so it's fine with me)--but now has taken to wanting to "sleep" everywhere but his bed:
(He loves pretending to sleep and thinks it's hilarious and will pose quite willingly)

I love you monkey!


Michelle said...

Happy Birthday!!! :D :D :D

Michelle said...

Glad you're feeling better, Sadie, because SPRINGARAMA is only four days away!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And you WILL NOT be sick for it!

And I can't believe your baby is growing up so fast. Where has the time gone?

And you would have been very proud of your husband on Saturday night at the fundraiser; he "dun good". And next to the green sweater, his black suit is always two thumbs up. :O)

Janna said...

Last pic - so cute!