Saturday, September 29, 2007

I like bread and butter

I love making bread--I always have. I remember trying out different breads and trying to make soft pretzels in high school..there's just something about it.
Inspired by this post I decided also to make homemade butter.
It was fun and it tastes so good. I can't stop eating it. Hubby thinks I'm weird because I keep tasting the butter.


So I am cruising along on my Dad's Birthday socks.
I swatched Thursday afternoon, cast on Thursday night and got about 2 inches done by the end of Grey's Anatomy.
I knit in little spurts yesterday when the kids were playing quietly or napping and now I have this:

Not bad for the first 24 hours or so of knitting.
I am ready to turn the heel and will make more of a dent in it this evening.
I'm doing a simple Garter Rib and it's looking very nice.

It's hard to take pictures of this yarn as it very dark--Fleece Artist's "Ebony" (I think, although I love playing the match-y match-y game on their website, it would be helpful if they labelled their bands)

The promised Jitterbug sock picture:

This one has a nice closeup.

So, that's the updates for now.
I promise not to show every inch of sock--so I might not post again until something is finished.

Obligatory cute kid picture:

Princess B has been begging for more sushi, and since hubby was out last night (he doesn't care for it) --we made some "Cali rolls" as she sometimes calls them. They were yummy and she has totally mastered the chop sticks.

That's it for me.