Friday, October 12, 2007

Fibre Friday

I am going to try to be part of FibreFriday or FiberFriday on Etsy..
It's basically a place for yarnies to show off hand-dyed, hand-spun or supplies (as that's what the new yarn category is) on Etsy.
I am offering up my 2 latest handspuns:

Antelope Firemist

It's a Girl Thing

These can be found at my store.

Maybe this is the push that I need to get dyeing. I can dye all week and then put stuff up Thursday night and/or Friday.

Our weekend will be busy and mostly w/out Daddy, so dyeing this weekend will not happen.
Right now, I'm off to drink lots of coffee, dye, spin and catch up on Grey's Anatomy

Happy Weekend!!!