Friday, October 12, 2007

It's not you, it's me-The Break-up

It is officially over. After years in this relationship, after much time, effort and money, I am calling it quits. I have grown, matured, they have stayed the same; we have grown apart and it is now time to go our seperate ways.

I have broken up with Mary Maxim. My sister and I had a chance to take the kids to Mary Maxim in Paris Ontario last weekend for our annual yarn binge while the boys golf. The kids this year, while tired and crabby actually enjoyed it more then we did. After experiencing high end yarn stores, catalogs like Knit Pics and knitting mags with fab yarn choices, walls of acrylic (including Red Heart) was like driving a Chevette after owning a Jaguar. Other then a few sock yarn lines, there was nothing there that we couldn't pick up from Jo-Anns, Michaels or AC Moore, or from Wal-Mart for that matter. My son did pick out Kroy Socks in the Krazy Stripes colourway for baby Jaywalkers.

We have decided to search for LYS in the area for next time we visit and make our binge more binge-like. There is a fibre/fabric outlet in town called Len's Mills that we might check out.

I have started making crocheted scarves to post on my etsy site so stayed tuned for pics there.

Other then that I am trying to tidy my yarn corner in my room. It is taking over my bedroom, one skein at a time so I am hoping to have it recreated while Giraffe is at school. I will post before and after pics later.

Speaking of Giraffe, he is happily playing in the tub before school, talking to his toys and enjoying himself. He loves the tub and it gives me time to post, clean , play on-line etc.

Off to get Giraffe ready for school, do some housework and catch up on podcasts.