Friday, October 05, 2007

Stuff and Hi there and NO

So I won't actually post a picture of the socks--because the cast off is not done.
I woke up this morning went down to have my shower and my dog decided to walk THROUGH my legs while going down the stairs--I tripped and fell down the hardwood stairs onto the hardwood floor. Ouch.
I fell completely on my left side on the stairs and the bruises are darkening as I write this.
I landed with my full weight flat on my hand with my wrist bent under me.
So, wrists are sore and I'm not sure if there will be knitting for a bit.
We'll see.
The day was just downhill all around.

That's the stuff.

You may have noticed that my sister did a post! Her first post!!
Hi there.
In a few short hours we will be traveling towards "home" (to my Dad and step-Mom's) for Thanksgiving--for a weekend of food, knitting, baby snuggling and family.
So--big Hi to my sister.

The NO part is the contest.
I'm not going to do it today.
I will wait until I come back--find a prize or two and make you all work for it.

So, happy weekend
Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends.

See you all next week.


AmysBabies said...

OH NO! I hope you get to feeling better soon! Have a great holiday with family :D


Well that just sucks. Hopefully you will be well soon. And we'll all be waiting to see what kind of fun contest you have. :)