Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I'm back.

We had a great weekend..
Who would have thought that we'd have air conditioning for Thanksgiving??
It was hot...woohoo hot. So, we had a snowball fight at the park.
This is Canada after all. Just kidding--it was snow from the local arena.

Hat a great time--got to visit a friend I haven't seen since high school--she lives up the street from my Dad.
Got to snuggle my new nephew who is so cute and has that amazing new baby smell.
I made him a hat--was gifted before I could take a picture, but it was made with the new Mission Falls Tricolor in "Surf". I made a modified Umbilical cord hat--modified because I had no pattern and just did an I-cord top like I saw in pictures.

I finished Dad's socks and gifted them--again no picture, because I am a bad blogger.
I told him I needed a picture but it got missed.
They fit and he is happy with them and I managed to do a nice stretchy cast off, sore wrists and all.

My wrists are sore still--aggravated by making butter with the kids. They lost interest so guess who got to shake 2 large Mason jars for 20 minutes??
Plus I think my right wrist is damaged from my fall.

I have decided to skip the knitting for now and concentrate on my spinning.
I wanted to do up some fat singles and try for more of a funky yarn and this is what I have so far:

I did about a 1/2 hour during A's naptime yesterday and finished it during naptime today.
I will ply it tonight and have finished 4 0z in one day which is a record for me--yeah fat singles!
(wonder if anyone will ever find that from goole-fu-ing it)

I think this roving is really pretty. I think it's the first roving I ever bought off the Internet and it's from Dudley Spinner. She has lovely stuff and she dyes a lot--so go and find her at her store here or her Etsy store. I was also part of her handspun sock KAL this summer.

I have some more Insubordiknit roving that I want to spin next, then I will try my hand at some of the Crown Mountain Farms lovelies.
I also need and want to do more dyeing.
I have been slacking lately--haven't felt like it, need more caffeine to be inspired.

Now bloggie time is over and dinner is all ready (Roast chicken with rosemary and maple glaze, garlic potatoes and the only broccoli our garden produced.


AmysBabies said...

sorry to hear you wrist is still bothering you. I hope it feels better soon.

Those singles look so great and squooshy :D I can't wait to see them plied.

Crown Mountain Farms fibers are so much fun to spin with! You'll love them