Monday, October 22, 2007

That Seventies Scarf

It is sunny and gorgeous today. Here it is October 22nd when we should be expecting frost and a first snow, and Giraffe went to school again in shorts and a t-shirt. Crazy.
So I took advantage of the sun and got out in my backyard and took my photos of some of my FO. I finally posted my scarf, kindly named by sprouty That Seventies Scarf. I love the colours and length of it. It is in the shop finally. I have 3 more to post in different colours and with different fibres.

I also posted this set named JillAnn

I am thrilled with this weather. No mud, no snow, no lost mittens, no slush. I am wearing a tank top and jeans, and was actually uncomfortable standing in the sun on the back deck. But my sweaters are calling, still tucked into my closet. Soon enough I am sure.
What is your favorite part of fall? Giraffe is loving the leaves on the ground and is counting the days til Hallowe'en. Hubbo's swim season is in full swing. Me it's sweaters, wool socks, tea