Saturday, October 20, 2007

Oh oh it's raining again...

I have the song in my head right now. We have had so much rain and dark skies in the last few days I have been unable to get any natural light to photograph some new finished objects to post here and in my shop. I am frustrated! As they are knit with bright and darker colours, when I snap a pic inside it turns out dark and the colours all smush together. Maybe tomorrow...
So to keep myself busy I have cast on a camo hat for Giraffe. He is going as GI Joe for Hallowe'en. We have the camo shirt and shorts to go over the sweats, an army helmet (made from styrophome and not hard) a rifle and camo makeup. Grand total cost so far- $4. I am so stingy I squeek. The makeup was $3 and the rifle $1. The helmet we bought a couple of years ago for SWAT man (he is such a boy)at Goodwill for 99c. I have a neighbour who only buys storemade costumes and for her 4 kids spends over $100/year just for the costumes. I'll stick with my $4.
The only photo I can list is a teaser for "That 70's scarf" just so you can see the colours:

Well Giraffe and I are off to lunch and then the library with Daddy. With the rain the zoo is out. But on a positive note, the hubbo is taking me out for our anniversary tonight. Note- our anniversary was in June. That is how often we go out just the 2 of us. Looking foward to it, need to pick out something nice to wear. Later.


dragon knitter said...

don't feel bad about being c heap. my son went to homecoming, with his first date, and i spent $9 on his outfit (he's 15, and growing like mad, no WAY am i spending real money on dress clothes). his jacket i got at a local thrift store for $5, his shirt and tie were hubbie's, his pants were some i'd bought last spring for him to wear to band concerts, and i spent $4 at salvation army for his shoes (he wears a men's 10 1/2 wide, so we bought 11's).

and he looked SHARP. go see my blog, lol.

i tend to make the kids' costumes, which can run into some money, as my kids NEVER pick anything easy. this year the older wants to be a samurai (not happening, i just cant' construct the armor fast enough), and the younger wants to be harry potter with the gryffindor sword. i gotta get sewing!