Friday, October 05, 2007

I am the S in Chicks

My sister the power blogger has been after me to join her blog for a year or more. I have decided to give in though there is no way I can keep up with her in postings and wit. So here is my first entry. I guess my thought with this will be to tell you about my life, my family, my knitting/crocheting and all of my little dysfunctions. So on to my day...

My Day...
I remember being a little girl and Mom letting me sleep in her big bed when I was home sick from school. I am not really sure why I enjoyed it so much, but it must be a universal thing. My little boy Giraffe is lying my bed as I type this, watching Scooby Doo and asking about when his school bus is coming. He is tired, feverish and pale today. Poor little Giraffe. The nickname Giraffe came fromhis amazing length at birth compared to his weight. While he has now leveled off and is less beanpole-esque, the name stuck. As did Buba, Cujo (thanks sprouty) George (the most common one) and little man, courtesy of a swimmer from Trinidad who spent a lot of time with Giraffe when he was just a little man. Here is one of my favorite pics of the two of us from when he was just under 2. He was such a happy, easy baby and toddler... then he turned 2 and developed his own stubborn streak. Still happy, just not so easy.

The plan for the day had been to clean, pack, knit and shop for our Thanksgiving weekend in Canada. Now it will be clean, pack and the knitting/shopping will have to wait til the hubbo gets home from work/coaching.

On the needles...
Just off the needles is a baby kimono sweater from the Mason-Dixon book. It was knit with Mission Falls 1824 cotton in a soft grey for a new little one. I just need to mattress seam the sides and it is good to go.
The other project on the needles is my Never-Ending Traveling Shawl. I received a ton on yarn from my step-moms' Mom from an estate sale. It told me it wanted to be a shawl, dense, not lacey. So using an entrelac pattern I am knitting a triangle shawl until I run out of yarn. I just love Entrlac. It is highly addictive, interesting enough to keep me from crying with bordum but easy enough to do without watching my hands and carrying on a conversation (or bowling for that matter). I have found Entrelac at a Different Angle to be the most helpful placed to start.

I still have 3 more skeins to go on the shawl so... maybe done by Christmas?
Well now I must run and clean/pack/kiss Giraffe/call me sister/have some tea and maybe sneak in a square of Entrelac.



Hello! I'm Crystal, one of your sister's readers. So now one of yours. :) Entrelac is fun, but I couldn't imagine doing a whole shawl of it!