Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Orange Day

Today was orange day at school--since Princess B won't actually be at school for Halloween.
Good thing her Mother is obsessed with orange.
(She has never actually worn these clothes before because, "Mom, they aren't pink")

She won first place for the most orange. Oh, and she is doing that thing with her hand and has orange stripes on her face because as we were walking out the door she decided she wanted to be "a lion".
She also participated in her first assembly today. The JK's sang all their fall songs and the Grade 1's did a dance to the Jackson 5's "Blame it on the Boogie" (hilarious)

I finished the Merlin the Cat batt spinning and present:

Orange Tang Yarn
the name of the batt was "Orange Tang" and the white spots glow in the dark.
I am so excited--these need to be socks. I was thinking for Halloween, but since that's tomorrow I don't think I'll make it.
I might make 1 sock and just do that to be funny.
We are going to a Halloween party tomorrow night with friends and might do some outside stuff--so that might work.
p.s. there is no way to take an accurate picture of the beauty that is this yarn. I take no credit as it is the blending of the fibres that make it so pretty.
There are differing shades of orange, pink sparkle, purple and other bits that make it shine.
There is a pretty picture here:

I am 7 rows away from making this into something that doesn't look like a blob:

This is the Baby Surprise Jacket that has been kicking my butt for a week. It's a really tricky pattern but once you figure it out it sort of works.
We'll see how it looks finished.

So, we are off to a dinner/networking/playdate for me/hubby/thekids.

Some halloweeny pictures tomorrow.