Saturday, October 27, 2007

I love Aspen

Okay, so I've never been there--but I love this colourway.

I posted this to the Spunky Club Club page (Club club??) but forgot to post it here.

This is my first Spunky Eclectic Club shipment and my first time spinning Merino/Tencel.

I tried to spin it as thin as I could and my plying went wonky--but I'm still loving it

I was trying a new method of plying that Abby demonstrates in a YouTube video here:
It wasn't working for me so I switched back and so there are parts that are underplied

The tencel took a little getting used to, but it was fun.

Can't wait to see this months fibre



That's pretty!! It looks like silver and gold from where I am sitting, and maybe some blue.

dragon knitter said...

how many yards did you get? i got 134 (122 meters, lol).

and you will LOVE this month's selection. i can't wait to finish up what i'm doing, and getting to it!