Saturday, October 27, 2007

Oh Brother

I hated Home Economics. They made omelettes, I made a fried egg with a lump of cheese in the centre. They made chocolate chip muffins, I mixed up the measurements for sugar and salt and ended up with 2 dozen muffins with 2 cups of salt (think wallpaper paste meets paper weight). They made shorts, I made...shorts. While the sewing wasn't so bad, I certainly never cared for it. I made a dress in high school and hated every minute of it.
Fast forward a few years (no I am not telling you how many) and this summer I starting thinking how nice it would be to have a sewing machine in the house for quick mending and basic sewing projects. I certainly didn't want to buy one but if I got one from freecycle it would be nice. I was pondering this aloud when my aunt remarked she had an old one belonging to my late Grandmother Violet and it was mine if I wanted.
Behold this beauty!

What a treasure I would find inside though. The original warranty, the sales slip showing Grandpa paid $70.04 for a new sewing machine in 1965, the credit slip showing he paid $10 a week for it, and the instructions.

I opened it up this afternoon, plugged it in, threaded the needle and bobbin and gently pressed the foot pedal and ... it worked, it worked perfectly! It was so easy and wonderful! I grabbed a scrap of fabric my mil gave me and sewed my first line

Then I ran for the mending basket that grows and never gets attended to and fixed my hubbo's sleep pants

Fixed these sweaters

And turned 2 old sweaters into bags

Just what I needed, a new obsession.


dragon knitter said...

the old machines are the best. that machine is older than i am! i have 2, one from my great aunt, of which i have no clue what the age is (it's more t han 22 years old, though, cuz she died that long ago, and was in thenursing home for a number of years beforehand), and the other was my grandmother's. it's 21 years old (the receipt was in the carry case). both of them good, sturdy singers with the old metal bases, that will sew ANYTHING, from silk to denim. i just had my grandmother's tuned up, and the repairman said i had a true jewel, and it s hould last me for many years. heck, imay be passing it on to MY granddaughters.

Janna Cylka said...

You sew and knit - that is truly impressive!!!!!