Thursday, October 11, 2007

Spinning is fun

I have spun and plied 8 oz of fibre in 2 days. Either I'm getting better at spinning or I forgot to sleep.

This is the prettiest yarn. It's so Fall--orange, green, rust, brown-ish in spots.

I love it.

This is what's on the bobbins today:

It's the roving from Insubordiknit in the "Cramped Earth" colourway.
Update--(didn't know I was gone did ya??)
I finished it:

I'm happy with it.
It's not really my colours--but someone in the house who likes pink said "OH MOMMY THAT"S SO BEAUTIFUL".
I think she's right.

I think now, I am going to do some dyeing and then tomorrows spinning will be my Spunky Eclectic Club shipment--the Merino/Tencel.
I'm going to try for super thin and see how I do.

Lest you think my children were neglecting in the making of this yarn--they were happily playing and then sleeping.
Princess B had fun yesterday "decorating" her brother:

and then she practiced parachuting off the couch.

Today she was at school and the day was quiet and rainy-full of cars and some movies.

I might have a post for Fibre Friday--we'll see.


Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

Gorgeous, Gorgeous, Gorgeous...can you tell that I like the handpsun???

I like both the orangey and pink handspun. Do you know know what you'll make with either?


O.M.G! That is TOOOOOO cute! I want to squish your kids. They are adorable! :) And, strangely enough, remind me of mine. With Kyran sitting still to be dressed up, and Heather jumping off the couches.