Monday, October 15, 2007

Fibre Wall

I am a bad blogger already. I had posted that I was working to tidy my stash and tidy I did. Once I was done, I realized I forgot to take a before picture to post. The one good thing is now only my hubbo will know how messy the stash was before.
So here is my new fibre wall. The bookcase was removed from the Family room and now holds my books (very few as you can see) and my yarn.
I found some garments bags to put some of the like-yarns together in and tried to sort them according to type, but basically they are stuffed in where I found room. On top are empty knitting bags, my bag of roving and my spindle ( I have done very little spinning to date), my box-o-beads for jewelry making, my knitting needles now all housed in a fabric wine bag.
Here is my mending basket which never looks any smaller:

My UFO basket:

And I added this garment hook to the drawer of my bedside table for my in-progress knitting bags so I can grab the project I want to work on and go:

I have some new Finished Objects to post but that will wait until I can get some good photos taken. I will be adding them to my etsy shop for sale once those photos are done. Very cloudy today and I also need to run and get Giraffe off the bus.