Wednesday, October 24, 2007

What I didn't do last weekend

Wanted to go too.
Actually googled it for directions.
Could have made the trip in 6 hours. My hubbo actually gave me the go-ahead. Calculated when I would have to leave Saturday am (4am) to make the day worthwhile. Imagined taking the 5 year old to see sheep and bunnies and lots of yarn.
Sandly had to close the google map and put away til next year.
Hey sprouty, wanna go fondle yarn next year? We will drive Friday night, stay in some cheap moth-ridden hotel to save money for yarn and fibre. We can hang with the Harlot and Jess from Ravelry. I feel like a drug pusher.
Wanted to go too.


omly said...

You aren't alone! Last year I moped about the house going "everyone is at Rhinebeck, no one is online", and ultimately my partner said if it was that important would have gone and we would go next time.

Fast forward to this year. I am recovering from minor surgery. My partner is spending his only weekend of this month in the country. So we stayed home and just did mellow family stuff. Am I disappointed? A little, but family comes first. Perhaps next year with a little more planning ;)

Kristen said...

I'm saving up for next year's Rhinebeck. So far I have over 26¢ saved! I'm worried that this was the year to go because the Canadian dollar is so strong, but if it keeps up like this, next year will be even better. :)