Wednesday, January 16, 2008

No knit policy?


Oh, not that kind of knit.

The other one (as in Pediculosis).
Princess B was sent home with "nits" yesterday. She doesn't actually have it (lice) but we have to treat her just the same.
(If your kids have never had it--just doing some research is scary enough--not the lice itself but the products that are used to treat it. (Central nervous system damage, leukemia, chemical sensitivity etc etc---yuck)
I found a safe treatment that should work without having to put insecticide on her head.
Enough of that talk.

I forgot to post a picture of a yarn that I had dyed which my friend looking for the "smokey blue" actually chose.
She thought the other one too light and chose this:

It's a little crazy but she thinks her daughter will like it.

I am almost finished Princess B's socks--got to knit some at a Mommy's group yesterday.
I will then have to follow through with my promise to resurrect the Ribbi Cardi sweater.
I need to get something accomplished and this will make me feel better.

No soap making yet. Although I have had the ingredients since the weekend--the other things (laundry mountain, hubby's work etc etc) have impeded my ability to play)
Maybe tonight??
Stay tuned.

Thanks all for the comments!
It's neat to read where you all have found me and nice to hear from some lurkers!!!