Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year

We are finally home.
It is a 4 hour ride--it took us almost 6.
The snow is crazy--and the weather reports--crazier.
They SAID the snow would be coming later. Silly weather people.

Here is a picture of us with pretty snow behind us:

Here are the snowbanks from my window:

We saw about 10 cars in the ditch in the first 15 minutes of driving south on the highway.

We saw tons more and one car that was on its side a few feet past our exit.
THe kids did really well considering they only slept in the first part of the drive and were awake for the rest.
I had some podcasts to listen to and they listened to Monsters Inc and Bugs Life audio books and shared blankets and pillows.

We couldnt' get in our driveway for the snowbanks so after carrying the kids and getting soaked up to my knees, hubby dug us out and I put little ones to bed.

Crazy weather.