Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Good Mom or Bad friend??

Which would you rather be??
That was my dilemma this morning, but i have since resolved it.

My throat has been sore since Friday but I didn't really think anything of it--until I looked at it this morning. I will spare you the details but if you want to see something gross, do a google image search for "strep throat" --see the white one?? that's what mine looks like.

so, Princess B is due to have a sleepover at my friends house while the ladies have a craft night...
It's Princess B's birthday today!!
My Princess is 5 years old!

I told her about the sleepover last night and we delivered the cupcakes to school--she was so excited despite the fact that it was a freezing rain day and there were only 3 kids in her class..
So, I called the Dr (who couldnt' see me for a few days) and went to the ER.
Dr took one look, said "Ewwww yuck" and wrote the prescription.
I was wrestling with not going to the sleepover for fear of making other kids sick--but according to the Dr unless I am sneezing in their face or drinking from the same cup I am fine.
I was dreading having to tell Princess B that we couldn't go--but now it's all fine.

And I got to work on my Jitterbug sock for the 1.5 hours that I was in the ER.
Wahoo sock knitting.

So, another post without pictures--but there will be tons tomorrow.
Birthday pictures, craft night pictures.
I will save you the pictures of my tonsils--I do love my readers and do NOT want to scare you away!!