Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Lots to say lots to say

I am already feeling a bit better from 2 doses of the penicillin (that stuff is a wonder drug).
Princess B's bithday was great--she was so excited to go to her friends house that she told everyone in the parking lot, the post office etc etc.

We had some play-time, including the largest battle of wills from my son and then had a nice fun dinner and dessert.
Princess B was very excited to receive her gift from Ben, Eli, Mary, Janna and Steve and kept beaming (this is not her normal smile but she knows how to turn it on for the camera)

After trying to settle the kids to bed we started our craft night--which included a new sock knitter!

My kids weren't settling together so Princess B decided to sleep on the playroom couch and then all was quiet.
Janna taught me how to so and I-spy bag (her post here)...and it turned out really well.
I have some wonky seams and places where it's not very straight--but for a 2nd sewing night I am proud of myself--and Janna is a good teacher.

We had card makers, knitters and sewers, some warm brie with jam and crackers, good coffee and lots of laughs.

Not too much sleep happened, but the kids were happy and we played for part of the morning and came home in a wind storm.
I knew I still wasn't 100% because I kept falling asleep w/out knowing it--sitting up, with a book in my hand etc etc.

We picked hubby up, I put him in charge, went to bed at 7pm and slept until 7:30am the next morning.
Apparently I was tired.

Looking forward to next weeks craft night!!