Saturday, January 05, 2008


I can't believe I have never posted these pictures....hmmmm..

I heard about letterboxing sometime last year from knitblogs and from listening to Lime and Violet.
I looked up and searched under my hometown and actually found local boxes.
(I had searched early last year on another site and had not found any...)

For those who don't know--letterboxing started many years ago (1800's???) in England where a gentleman left a business card in a bottle for someone to find.
Current day letterboxing is like treasure hunting where you have clues and go searching for stamps and logbooks and log your finds.

So, basically you set out with a clue and start location, bring with you a stamp, inkpad and logbook and try to find hidden boxes.
My MIL was visiting for the weekend and we decided to go looking in a local park for a child-friendly box.

There is a park in our town that has birdhouses that have been designed to replicate local heritage sites, restaurants (McDonalds included), the post office etc etc.
We ventured off to "Birdhouse City" and found the box with no problem.
Princess B was somewhat confused that there was no real "treasure" to take with us, but had fun following the clues and she actually found the location herself with us reading the clues.

Here she is running for the location:

The die-hard letterboxers will carve their own signature stamp and have special logbooks--but we just used a winter stamp that I had on hand and a piece of paper.

Littleman wanted to be in a picture too:

So....long story short--for Christmas, my MIL gave Princess B some stamps, a stamp pad and a little logbook of her own to continue on the quest.

There are at least 25 other boxes for us to find within a 1/2 hour drive and I can't wait for the snow to melt to find more.

So, if you haven't checked it out--you should.
Karen S--your kids would love this!