Thursday, January 24, 2008


(Maniacal laughter)

So a friend of mine has been asking me to teach her to knit.
She and her family will be moving soon (sniff sniff--i'm in denial) and her hubby is living in another city while they wait for their house to sell.
So, she is super Mommy by day to 3 kids under 5--and at night she is SuperWoman (keeping the house ready for showings, blowing out the driveway etc etc etc).

We decided to bring a craft night to her and we had a lot of fun.
My other 2 friends who I have addicted to sock knitting were there, a card maker/scrapbooker and another friend who is not crafty but desperately deserves a night out with the girls.

My friend Janna taught me to sew and I made a little Christmas gift bag from some fabric that had been gifted to me.

Janna is hard core--she had been knitting about an hour when she uttered the phrase:
"Okay, just let me finish this row"
I laughed--and knew she was in!

She has perfect tension and even wanted me to show her how to "tink" (Janna that is knit backwards) back to fix her mistakes.

Take a look at her blog and look at her sewing and quilting projects. She made Princess B one of her Sermon Savers for Christmas--and Princess B asks for it before we even get into the car to get to Church!
Next craft night we want to make something like this:

Now I actually am inspired to break out my old sewing machine and learn something.
I started a small quilting class when pregnant with Princess B (read 5 years ago) but only went twice and didn't ever finish.
It's a simple pattern (which is good b/c I don't even have the pattern anymore)--of a 9 patch and then some triangles (?? quilting terms) put together--so I hope to finish it.

I think I will start with a couple more bags and then mending some things from around the house.

We hope to try to make the craft night a weekly thing--for whomever can come--until she moves. (sniff sniff)

Anyone have any free favourite sewing patterns??