Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Spinning like a maniac

In less than 24 hours I spun up 8 full ounce of fibre and fixed a skein of handspun sock yarn.
Wheel on fire.

I finally spun the Spunky Eclectic November "Pie" Fibre
(not a great picture, it was taken at midnight)

and some more which was spun from a roving in my shop:
"Hero" (Superman colours of Blue and Red)

It came from this roving:

hubby think's it looks girly and said he thought it to be pink and blue.
There are some spots where the red faded where spun--but I still think it has strong colours.

Anyways--I have had fun with it and the chunky was fun to do.

I am planning on doing a lot of dyeing this week and have had some good sales in the store.
This is my favourite one this week (already sold!)


I'm having fun.