Monday, January 28, 2008

Monday Monday

So good to me.

Okay so this Monday was better.
We got up at still dark o'clock and drove hubby to meet up to carpool to a retreat for 3 days.
They have 4 little boys in their family so the Mom invited me in for coffee and a play date.
It was a nice way to start the week and I love having a change of pace.
(I also love that I have the car)

A fell asleep on the way home and Princess B immediately put herself down for a nap (I don't believe she has ever willingly had a nap in her life). So cute.

After some sleep we ran errands, went to the Post Office and grocery store where she told EVERYONE she saw that tomorrow is her birthday.
I am making cupcakes for her class, will have another little play date and then after school we are off to Janna's house for a sleepover/party and another knit/sewing night.
Princess B is so excited she can hardly stand it.
She is convinced that she will be both "older" and "taller" tomorrow. For her being "older" means doing "harder work" at school--or so she's been telling everyone.

We took her to a play place on the weekend that is basically a gigantic indoor play structure: ball crawl, slides, tunnels, castles, rock climbing wall etc etc.
Little man ran around so hard that he was red in the face, hungry and tired.

So, knitting update: I had to frog the 2nd half of the 2nd Jitterbug sock.
I was so close to being finished when I realized that I hadn't been carrying the pattern up the back of the leg.
What is wrong with me?
These are another pair of socks that have not been treating me well.

Oh well.
Tonight I will be making cupcakes for school, a cake for the party, doing laundry, eating grown up food and hopefully some fun fibrey stuff.

The only fun picture I have is of some bamboo that I spun and listed in my shop: