Wednesday, January 23, 2008


:The number of fights between Siblings before 10am

: The number of ketchup bottles that were dropped and exploded all over the floor

: The number of parcels that came today (yeah!)

: The number of healthy people in this family

: The number of skeins of yarn I dyed today

: The number of skeins of yarn Princess B dyed today

: The number of boxes of beads that were dropped ALL OVER THE FLOOR

: The number of times a little Princess had to be sent to her room for being too angry


All in all a good/bad, happy/sad, fun and frustrating day.

I received some dye and yarn in the mail. The dye makes me happy.
The yarn is for a test knitting project that I need to get working on.

Princess B wanted to help dye yarn so I used a new method that would be safe for her and she helped dye "rainbow yarn".
Her colour choices were interesting--but they are for socks for her--so she can have whatever she wants.

My other skein is for a special request and I think it turned out well.

Other happy stuff:
I cut up the soap into bars--one batch Monday night and the other last night (as it didn't seem hard enough).

I'm happy with them. I think there is some oil/fat that floated to the top as there is a whitish goo that is now on the bottom--but for a first try--I'm happy.

Now the waiting begins.

Tonight will be fun. I'm teaching a friend to knit and some other knitter friends are coming too!
My friend is going to teach me some sewing tricks so that I can hopefully some day actually use my sewing machine for something!
Wish me luck!