Monday, September 18, 2006

Bad juju

Yes, I have it...Bad juju.
Okay, so I don't really believe in luck, I am religious not superstitious.
But, why on earth doesn't anything yarn related work out for me??

I'm working at the hourglass, I really am--but all that round and round and round with nothing fun, is boring me. And my wrists are sore.
It's weird, that happened with the last sweater I made--but no sore wrists since...hmmm..
maybe it's just "sweater wrist"

That's why I am loving socks these days.

So, I dove into my knitpicks stash and decided to wind up the "smores".

Got myself ready:
Ball winder-check
Hubby to hold the skein--check
Going slowly so as not to wreck anything--check.

So how did I end up with this:

I looked away for 2 seconds and it snagged. The yarn was all wrapped around the little gears and it was awful. I spent a few minutes laughing (at juju) and patiently unwinding.
but, like always, I was forced to cut the yarn as it was too tangled.
It's happened before:
here, here and here.

Sigh, but on a good note--I LOVE this yarn.
I am making jaywalkers for myself. This will be my third pair of jaywalkers, but the first for me!
Except--I sort of didn't think to check yardage, and only ordered one skein.
What is with me??
I don't think I will get 2 full socks with one skein, so I am doing them toe-up.
It's going quickly and after less than one hour, I have this:

Cute little toe.
My daughter calls s'mores "delicious hot schmoes"--a line from toy story, so this is the the
"schmoe toe".

I really like doing the short rows this way, as there are no holes!

I will do more on the hourglass tomorrow. I've gone through 3 balls, and I'll say it again:
"I'm really scared I will run out of yarn"
I have googled hourglass andean silk so many times to see others who have done the sweater with this yarn, to see how many extra balls they ordered, but no one has fessed up yet.
I ordered more than 1 extra ball, so I'm hoping I will have enough.

Send some good thoughts my way---some good knitting karma, or something.
or--send chocolate!!
tee hee.


canknitian said...

Oh, and I LOVE the s'mores! LOVE!

Thanks for your comment too, lady! I'm doing okay. :)