Friday, May 12, 2006


it has taken me longer to get finished than i'd ever imagine. i try to get my work done so when the kids are in bed i can just sit and knit for a couple of hours. you'd think that would mean a lot of progress..but not so much.
here's a pic i took this morning:

they look finished don't they??

really this is what i have....

one really huge looking sock and one still on the needles...

i really hope these fit. sockbuddy i will be mortified if they are too big for you. i have measured, measured, and measured.
and the ball-that-was-destined-to-be-knots???
this is what's left:

so i will finish this week...

my progress has been hampered by the fact that the baby is sick, again. he may have another stomach virus or something worse. i was pretty scared today when his temp went up to 103F but apparently that is nothing to be too worried about (who knew?)
so, back to the dr's we go.
this post is kinda crappy, but that's about how i feel. tired from all the sickness, laundry, trying to get the baby to eat, worrying because he won't eat....
sigh...hopefully things will get cheerier..


Dipsy D. said...

Hi from Austria! Oh yep, the socks sure looked finished on the first pic - but then again, there's not much more left to go, I'm sure you'll be done in an instant! They're beautiful by the way, I love the cheerful blue color!
So sorry that your baby is sick - I do hope he's feeling much better by now - and you too, do try to get a bit of time for yourself, and things will look much brighter soon!