Saturday, September 23, 2006

Happy Belated Blog-versary to me...

yep, in true me-style--I missed it!
my first post was from September 08th of last year.

Yeah--happy blogversary to me!


thanks all for reading (9 Bloglines subscribers--*waving*), for commenting and just for being other knitters and bloggers.
it's weird when I read others blogs that have links to friends who blog.
I don't' have any knitter friends who blog....I have a friend who blogs, but that's about it.
I'm always excited to find knit bloggers who live sort-of close to me.
makes me think that maybe, just maybe they are doing the same thing as me every night--close by.

I guess I have virtual friend bloggers....And that's good enough for me!

my sister is supposed to be blogging here--that is actually why I named the site "the chicks with sticks"--so we could take pictures of the things we are working on and show them to each other.
kinda like a Mason-Dixon thingy.
She does live in the US and I do live in Canada--it would work.
Except her camera was broken for a LONG time and now that it's fixed, her hubby isn't so sure he wants to show her how to upload pictures--thinks she'll get addicted!!!

what?? blogging is not addicting is it???

tee hee.

anyways, I have some progress shots to take tomorrow--the cat barf yarn actually looks good skeined up (I needs me a swift, my hand totally fell asleep trying to wind it on my arm)
I wanted to do more painting tonight, but Princess B decided to avoid bedtime and kept running downstairs from 7:30pm until 10pm....Sigh.
I finished another ball on the hourglass Sweater and made some progress on the S'mores socks.
I'm not sure that this yarn is actually working out for the Jaywalkers. It's a fingering weight, the gauge is the same but the socks are turning out huge....I'd give them to hubby, but he doesn't like the yarn...Thinks it's ugly.

I have to find the camera and then I will take some pictures in the am.



Amy said...

Yay to you and your blog! You know I've always wondered why it was the chick*s*, I thought it meant you and the princess :) Now I know...
You can count me in as a knit-blogger-virtual-friend any day!
You know, especially since we do spend our nights doing the same thing.
Happy blogversary!

kimberly said...

One of your new faithful blog readers is waving and wishing you a wonderful blogiversary. Sorry it's so late, it takes me a while to get to my reading. :)