Friday, September 22, 2006

The blog ate my homework.

Warning--long post.

I did a nice post last night--all about the yarn dyeing Princess B and I did yesterday, about Grey's Anatomy and about my knitting juju, but the blogger ate it.

So, I thought I would re-cap.
Knitting Gods--smiling.
Yarn painting--cat barf
Bad stuff--still happening.

The only thing that made me happy was Grey's, chocolate, munchy food and Dr Pepper.
Oh yeah, and knitting.

Okay, so I'll tell the whole story

Princess B and I did some yarn painting with the Jacquard acid dyes I got form Knit Picks.
I ordered Pink, Green, Purple and Orange.

Yesterday we worked on stripes of pink (her favourite), green (fun and bright) and orange (my favourite colour, or so I thought)
I knew with her helping that mishaps would happen--not a big deal.
She decided that green should go everywhere and painted green on the pink and on the bare spots. NO problem.

The orange was not a bright orange but a, well a rusty orange..
the finished product looked kinda like cat barf.

I don't' have a cat, but if I did, and if it barfed--this orange is what it would look like.

The rest of it looked like a clown exploded.

It looked pretty good in the sunshine:

um...Okay blogger has decided that the picture looks best on the right--can't fix it, whatever.

So, the yarn--fun but not as pretty as I'd hoped.

Anyways, hubby came home early and let me take a nap! I was so tired yesterday that I almost fell out of a chair!
The kids have each been getting up at night and really early in the morning--so after a week of that, I was toast.
I had a nice nap, made a nice dinner.

Daddy painted with the princess and she even let him put her to bed (this is a BIG feat at our house since I am the only one "allowed" to do it, in her book).

I watched what I thought was the premiere of Grey's at 8pm but didn't pay too much attention since it was coming on again at I thought.
I found the project I wanted--and the knitting ...(don't want to say knitting gods as there is only one true God, don''t want to say fairies as I don't believe in such things--knitting...Juju?)
was smiling.

The project is an afghan of my mom's that she never finished. She died 6 years ago this January and my sister and I inherited her WIP's (including the only sweater she tried to knit for me, that she started when I was 6--unfinished, in a bag).

She had done a bunch of the squares and had the yarn all in the bag. I was thinking that it might be hard to figure out the patterns for the squares, when low and behold--the pattern was hiding in the bottom of the bag!
knitting juju--good.

Other juju--bad.
I went out at 8:30 to get some milk and snacks for the Grey's Premiere
(Chocolate, Doritos and DR Pepper--have to have Dr Pepper when watching a show about Dr's!!!)
So, a nice/smarmy young lady with way too much attitude, cut me off in the parking lot.
I had to stop short as she almost caused an accident. So while I'm sitting there waiting for her, a shopping cart makes a break form the corral and hits the car!
when I went into the store to suggest they have someone take the carts in, the nice young check-out girl just blinked at me. I told her again that I was just driving by and that the cart came away and smashed my car...she just smiled and blinked.
her friend called someone, but they still just stood there and blinked at me...Okay.

So I start watching at 9pm, only to realize it's a different episode!
apparently here, they showed NEXT week's episode at 8pm and the premiere at 9pm.
oh well--I guess I will watch it again next week.

I managed to finish one square during the premiere and since I have 86 more to do, I'm thinking I might need to dedicate all of Thursdays to square making.

I think I shall try some more painting tonight, when the kiddies are asleep. Hubby will be working and I will have the house to myself!

p.s. in case you are wondering why i am saying juju, it's a thing from Grey's Anatomy.
The "She Sheppard" (I LOVE that they call her that) was buying everyone hot cocoa, to get rid of the "bad luck" of people dying in the OR. I don't belive in luck or karma or juju, but it's a fun word and I'm sticking with it...

sorry about the ramble..thanks for dropping by!


Amy said...

Cat barf LOL! It doesn't look that bad... but your story made me laugh. You know I've never been a Grey's fan before. Where was I?
I watched a 2 hour show the other day it must have been last season's finale. I think I might start watching and knitting along.
Good luck on the afghan!

Lynn said...

My mom died awhile ago too and she also was making an afghan before she died. It took me awhile before I could pick it up, but when I did I was able to finish what I could with what she had left. I use it as a lap quilt during the winters so I totally understand why you want to finish it up. And I'm also part of the Grey's KAL!