Tuesday, September 12, 2006

4th time's the charm....

Okay, so I had to frog the hourglass AGAIN.
I got about 20 rows into it, when I realized that there was a twist and I was making a giant orange mobius.

I ripped it out and spent the whole evening getting back to where I started. I am really hoping that this is the last time, or I might just lose interest in this sweater.

I signed up for the Grey's KAL, hosted by Melissa. Where you watch Grey's Anatomy (season 3 starts on Thursday!!) and knit along.
Melissa suggests something grey, but I don't have anything grey. I'm trying to pick a project that I might work on only Thursday nights and see if I can take the whole season to finish it.
My mom had a knit afghan that she started and I inherited--many many sample squares, to finish and sew together. That might be a good project.
now if only I could find the pattern book she used....