Friday, September 29, 2006

Fun with Socks

The Model your Socks Contest ends tomorrow.
(Silly me, all in a panic had to bribe Princess B to get pictures taken of her..Thinking it was the 30th today..silly me)

anyways, I had some fun, did some strange acrobatics to get this picture:

The cute shots:

um...Yeah...blogger needs to go back to time-out....

and my funky entry.

and just for fun

(in case you haven't heard, there is that movie that was out this summer...This has started silly blogs, blogging about Snakes on a...whatever and that translates to the knitting worlds as
Snakes on a sock", Snakes on a Skein, Socks on Crocs whatever)

I have been plugging away on the hourglass and meant to have a progress shot, but I've been playgrouping all week with the kids, and busy otherwise.

I did 4 blocks for the Grey's KAL Afghan..which is pretty good since I didn't knit on it all day.

I have almost finished one jaywalker and think I'm going to start the second one now to make sure I have enough yarn....I love toe-up socks!

p.s. the model your socks flickr page is
my flickr pictures are

edited: I have NO IDEA what is going on with blogger--the fonts are all weird today and i know others are having the same problem.


kimberly said...

Great shots and great socks!

Jofrog said...

Wow, I just saw the "funky shot" on Lolly's blog. What pattern did you use for those, they are fab!