Monday, October 02, 2006

What i did this weekend.

I did a little WIPKIP
I set the camera on the dashboard and took a picture myself on the highway while hubby was driving. We took a little road tour to go bed shopping at a store I thought looked cool
Kind-a IKEA-ish no?

(you can see little man in the background...he saw the camera and said "cheese")

Then i did something to fix this:

That would be hole #1 I saw in little man's Jaywalkers. When I turned around in the car to talk to him I saw the big gaping hole at his ankle.
He's had the socks for 3 weeks!!!
Hubby took them off and laid them gently in front of me when we got home--good man.

I found three holes in total--one looked like a dropped stitch and 2 were from where the yarn had broken. I don't get that because this is Fortissima sock yarn and it's not old and hadn't been used before.
I darned all the little holes back together--fixed them I should say, not "darned" at them.
ha ha

Anyhow--I am now inspired by this post from Mamascrappalota blogga (my mouth actually fell open when I saw how beautiful that yarn is)--so now I must dye.
I am going right now to paint that yarn that has been soaking for a week (that's just sad).