Thursday, October 12, 2006

Blog love

Just had to share that I got this material:

from Kate. She sent it to me as "leftovers" from making her Daughter some pants.
Go over there and read her blog.
She's had a rough time lately but has managed to keep her head up. She is am amazing sewer, knitter and has a really cute little girl.

Through the Loops saved me and is sending me some Knitpicks S'mores yarn to finish my Jaywalkers!
They are currently sitting as anklets, since I only bought one skein (silly me).
You should see her socks in this post!

just wanted to share.
It's kinda a strange--I started blogging a year ago, just wanting a place to showcase some of the things I've made.
I've actually "met" people through blogging.

How weird!

I haven't actually met anyone personally--but in reading blogs, you sometimes feel like you know someone.
you share in joys, losses and the love of socks!

Anyways, hello to the readers out there in blogland.


kate said...

So glad you got the fabric - I've never mailed anything to Canada before so I was nervous about it getting to you!

kimberly said...

I'm a little late posting this comment but better late than never. I'm here reading! :) Knit on!