Thursday, October 26, 2006

The yarn, it speaks to me....

and the Pomatomus sock said "Ribbit".
Yep, I frogged it again.
It's really making me crazy that I can't get this pattern.
Of course, part of the problem could be that I am doing it on one long Addi and not DPN's. I could switch but I don't' have the proper size DPN's (*cough, need to buy needles, cough*) .
(I have a Boyer Needlemaster, but the cords are so tight it's hard to do socks on one long circular)

The yarn is gorgeous and I want to make something beautiful....
maybe it needs to be something else.

What does this yarn say to you?

*Not the most accurate picture--it's so yummy, like an Orange Sorbet*

This yarn is speaking to me too. This is the Pink and Brown Yarn that I dyed a few days ago.
It says "Neapolitan" socks, but what pattern?

Part of me says Jaywalkers, but maybe I need to broaden my sock horizon. It's a pretty fat yarn, so likely no lacy stuff.
I did this little swatch because I thought a heart pattern would be cute, but maybe with the different colours it doesn't have the right effect.

Can you see the heart?
What do you think?

I haven't knit a stitch all day....Nothing last night...
I need some sockspiration for Socktoberfest

Oh, and if you leave a comment this time, I promise not to delete it.


m. said...

I see the heart!!! How in the world did you make that??

Ann-Marie said...

hi there
the heat stitch pattern came from my vogue knitting book.
i'm thinking it's not going to work the way i want it too--especially since the purl side would be showing on the socks.

Anonymous said...

Okay, how about the RPM pattern from Knitty? And the orange sorbet type yarn is quite yummy looking. :)